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The Invisible Heroes

Although we cannot thank all the frontline workers around the world for their tireless effort fighting Covid-19, there is another group behind the scene working away silently. These are the men and women of the I.T. industry. We are thinking of you.

Datacentre Energy Crisis - Are We Doomed?

We cannot deny that data centres are the driving force behind our digital life today. But it would be foolish of us to turn our back on this issue and how it is going to impact our future of energy availability. Data centres globally are consuming an enormous amount of energy to sustain our digital lifestyle and it is only going to get worse. 

$1-A-Month Web Hosting - A Promotion Like None Other

$1-A-Month Web Hosting - A Promotion Like None Other

No, there is no Typo in this Promotion. This is indeed a Web Hosting offering for just $1 per month, that is soon to launch your way. In this product blog, we will try to give you all the details you need to know, so you can take full advantage of this promotional offer.

Bitcoin, a new approach

Bitcoin, a new approach

By now you've heard of Bitcoin and it's an incredible run-up in price from $1000 per coin in January 2017 to around $20,000 in December 2017.

Loosing sleep over website security? Part 2

In this article, Part 2 on website security, we are going to see how to protect a Joomla based site. Joomla shares of common security practices with Wordpress, with few exceptions.

Loosing sleep over website security? Part 1

If your career has included developing or maintaining websites, you have most likely fallen victim to a security hack at least once.