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Monday, 21 January 2019 23:50

$1-A-Month Web Hosting - A Promotion Like None Other

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No, there is no Typo in this Promotion. This is indeed a Web Hosting offering for just $1 per month, that is soon to launch your way. In this product blog, we will try to give you all the details you need to know, so you can take full advantage of this promotional offer.

What is $1-A-Month Web Hosting?

This is as clear as the title itself. You pay just $1 USD every month for the selected web hosting plan charged on a Yearly basis at $12 for as long as you continue the hosting service. 

“I am surely missing lots of features at this price,” you say? Absolutely Not! No features have been taken out nor the service quality has been lowered in order for us to offer you this promotion.

Then, how in the world are we able to do this? Of course, we are not in the charity business. Like all other businesses, we also have bills to pay, employees to feed, servers to upgrade. We are doing this promotion simply to put ourselves out there to serve as many people as we can. Our hope is that with the low price for a quality feature rich web hosting plan, you are going to become a long term Symmcom cloud user and maybe tell others about the amazing service you are enjoying.

The promotion is going to run for one whole month to give enough exposure so everybody can be part of this. This promotion is for everyone, whether you are a freelance web developer or an individual in charge of managing the corporate site. The selected promotional hosting plan you will purchase during this period will remain at the same price point even long after the promo is over.

Web Hosting Ideas

Here are a few ideas of how you can take full advantage of this promotional hosting plan to get you started:

Try The Service

Want to give us a try to test how good we are? Give this promotional web hosting plan a try before committing to more services.


This is a perfect promotional web hosting plan for any freelance web developer. A web developer usually purchases hosting plans for their clients. At $1-A-Month web hosting plan, the markup of hosting fees they can charge to their client base is clearly very significant.

Consolidate Hosting Providers

Are your websites scattered over multiple hosting providers? This is usually the case when site decisions were based on prices to take advantage of different promotions over some length of time. The $1-A-Month promotion is the closest you can come to get free web hosting plans. And we all know how much trouble those freebies cost us. Bring all your sites under one roof with this lowest hosting plan in the industry. We even will help you throughout the website migration process from beginning to end.

What Is Web Hosting

It is a hosted service to store and serve websites over the internet by individuals or businesses. All software and hardware needed to serve websites are set up and maintained by the hosting provider. When a user makes a request to go to a site through the use of a browser, all data for the site is then downloaded and the browser renders the full page content for the user.

Besides hosting a website, the hosting service may also refer to hosting emails, files, database, etc. So in a sense, just because it is called Web Hosting service, it does not need to serve websites only.

A web hosting plan is usually connected to a domain name such as The domain can be purchased directly from the hosting provider or from another provider. If the domain name is hosted elsewhere, then the website for the domain can be easily pointed to the web hosting provider by the use of DNS entries. Usually, these DNS entries are made where the actual domain is hosted. Basically, a DNS entry translates the domain name to the IP address of the server where the hosting plan is located.  

The importance to have a good web presence through a good web site cannot be stressed. But it all starts with a great hosting provider. A web hosting provider is not just a service provider but they are also your business partner to help you succeed. A great hosting provider should have some of the following characteristics. Use this as a measuring stick when shopping around for a great web hosting provider:

Top-notch Customer Service

Day or Night, Rain or Shine, you should be able to reach the hosting provider in a time of need. You don’t need a reply many hours later, you need it now. A great hosting provider understands that and will do everything to be available when you need them the most.

Technology Knowledge

A great hosting provider must know their stuff. Not all businesses are the same, not all personal websites are alike. You should be able to ask the most difficult technical questions based on your needs and the hosting provider should be able to offer a solution that works just for you.

Affordable Price

A great hosting plan should never force you to think about your finance before making a hosting plan decision. It should not cut features to offer great price either. A great hosting plan will give you all the bells and whistles at an amazing price.

Features List

Most hosting plans come with loads of features. Some feature lists are so extensive that they can be as cumbersome as studying for a college degree for an average user. Following are some of the important features to look for that should never be ignored:

  • Allocated Storage Space<
  • Allocated monthly Bandwidth
  • Maximum allowed Database
  • Number of Subdomains allowed
  • Graphical Management Interface
  • Auto Script Installer (Joomla, Wordpress etc.)

Promotion Plan Details

The $1-A-Month promotion is going to apply to only one of our hosting plans. Currently, there are three hosting plans available from Symmcom. Following are the details of what is included in the plan:

Plan Name: Web Hosting Web-L1

  • 500GB Storage Space
  • 5 TB Data Transfer
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • 50 MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • 2 Addon Domains
  • 450+ Auto Script Installer (Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop, Moodle etc.)
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Offer Period

The offer is going to continue from Feb 1st, 2019 to Feb 28th, 2019 for new orders. Any Web-L1 hosting plan purchased during this period will remain at $1 /month or $12/yearly as long as the client continues the service.

Symmcom Web Hosting Benefits

The web hosting industry is saturated with hundreds of different hosting providers. That is a fact. So what sets Symmcom Web Hosting service apart? Hopefully, the following few points will answer that question.

Long Term View

We do our day to day activities just like everyone else but our focus is always in the future. We are obsessed to stay ahead of the wave by continuously learning about upcoming changes or improvements in the web hosting industry. In a rapidly changing industry such as Cloud where things are reinvented every few months, it is crucial to keep up with the changes, so you don’t have to.

Unlike lots of “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” businesses, we are an extreme believer and follower of “Here Today, Thriving Tomorrow”. We challenge you to test us.

30 Day Full Refund

We stand firmly behind our 30 Day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you did not like our service in your first 30 days, simply ask and we will provide you a 100% refund. No question asked. We do request that you let us know the reason of cancellation so we can better our services.  

Free Site Transfer

We will walk with you throughout the process of the site transfer from your existing hosting provider at absolutely no cost. Just ask. We will also tackle any issue that may arise during the site transfer.

cPanel Dashboard

All of our web hosting plans come with cPanel dashboard to manage every part of your web hosting plan. cPanel today is the most popular and powerful platform to manage hosting service. With over 20 years under their belt, cPanel is feature-rich, stable and user-friendly.

450+ Single Click Apps Installer

Along with cPanel, all hosting plans also come loaded with over 450 apps which are installable with just a click. App Installer provided by Softaculous comes with fully browseable categorized app list, app demo, single click installer, and feature-packed backup option.

24/7 Support

Our technical support is free from the boundaries of timezone or region. It does not matter what time of the day or from where you open a support ticket, somebody will send a real reply within a few hours. We are also never shut down even during Christmas or New Year. All you have to do is reach out to us with your issue.


We protect your digital data as you protect your home and family. To us, no data is less important no matter the service. Your uploaded data is monitored 24/7 and guarded behind multiple encryptions and security layers. All hosting accounts are fully backed up twice a month. You can add more frequent backups for an extra charge.

IPv6 Ready

Sooner or later the world will fully run on IPv6 as the existing IPv4 will be fully unable to sustain the future internet connected devices. IPv4 is being consumed at an unprecedented rate. We are ready now. You can serve your site on IPv6 network and be future ready.

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