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Managed Services.

What is Managed Service?
Managed Services is a model where a company or organization outsources certain funtions or tasks to a third party provider. The provider also known as Managed Service Provider(MSP) handles full management and functionality of the service or services.
A Service Level Agreement(SLA) ensure the service quality, responsibilities and expectation for both Service Provider and Service Consumer. One of the primary reason of using managed services is to cut cost whitout sacrificing features or benefits. Our managed services are backed by industry leading experts and superior customer service to give you total peace of mind.
Managed IT Support
We offer full IT support contract to manage your all IT needs. From free Network Audit to hardware/software installation and customized solution for your needs are included in the support service. We understand that when it comes to IT, one-size does not fit all. So you only pay for what you need to pay based on your customized solution.
Virtualization is in our DNA. We have created our own industry standard virtual datacenter based on years of experience, meticulous details and our customer's needs. We are proud to say that no virtualization task is too big. Whether you are looking to virtualize your existing infrastructure or migrating from on site virtualization, we are here to guide you every step of the way.
Managed Anti-Virus
With our Managed Anti-Virus and SPAM Filter, you are no longer alone to figure out if something is wrong. The anti-virus is fully integrated with our 24/7 monitoring system which instantly notifies if a virus makes an attempt to cause harm in your device. 3 anti-virus engines constantly keeps a blanket of protection to prevent almost all intrusion. With the lowest price point in the industry and month to month service, this is one service all networked device must have.
Managed SPAM Filter
SPAM is a continuous battle when it comes to Email communication. Almost 80% emails that are traversing on the internet are SPAM nature. A SPAM filter prevents most of these unwanted junk emails from landing in an email inbox. Our managed SPAM filter is equipped with 5 scanning engines which provides the fastest scan time possible. Our managed SPAM filter also provides email holding when your email server becomes inaccessible to prevent bounced email to sender.
Big Data, Small Data Storage
The need of Data storage is ever increasing exponentially in our current modern world. The use of video streaming, media-rich website and increasing number of mobile devices is contributing to the growing data storage needs at alarming rate. The need of storage is only going to be higher in future.

At Symmcom we have prepared ourselves to stay ahead of that wave by having solid foundation of storage system which is able to grow with time. Whether you have the need to store your personal files securely or need to store massive amount of files without breaking the bank, we have just the right solution for you.

Each files that lands on our storage are encrypted multiple times to ensure data security and privacy. Long term archive data is held at fully secured dark datacenter out of reach of internet ensuring total security.
At less then $0.20/GB rate you can grow your data with us infinitely.