Virtual Desktop

What is Virtual Desktop

Our Virtual Desktop service is built on solid platform of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure allowing companies to deploy full network on the cloud with ever needing any physical server. This allows staff to work from anywhere using any device and Internet connectivity, while Company saves lot of money on IT Infrastructure.

cloud diagramVirtual Desktop eliminates any need of having complex physical infrastructure and paid IT service to support it. We provide all infrastructure necessary including virtual servers/desktops, backup solution, anti-virus protection, data security and many more features. Client is provided access to their Virtual Desktops from their existing computer or mobile devices. A wide range of devices such as PCs, Macs, iPads, Tablets, Android Phones, iPhones are supported. Each virtual desktop looks exactly the same regardless of the device used to access. With virtual desktop, a company is no longer restricted to a building or facility for staff to get their work done. 

Whether your business is local or global, a single infrastructure can tie staff together as it would on a physical network. Staff can share files among them within the virtual infrastructure without compromising data security at all.

Does your company outsource work to non salaried bodies? No problem! By giving them limited access to their own isolated virtual desktop they can work like they are part of the staff on the same virtual infrastructure from any part of the world. 

  Personal Non-Profit Business* Small Business Medium Business Large Business
Per User/Month $25 $50 $80 $70 $60
# of Employees  -  1 - 50 1 - 25 26 -  100 100+ 
Server Platform Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2019
OS/Application Storage 80 Gb 80 Gb 100 Gb 200 Gb 500 Gb
Company/Personal Storage 100 Gb 30 Gb 100 Gb 1 Tb 10 Tb
Backup History 180 Days 1 Year 1 Year 3 Years 7 Years
 Anti-Virus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Firewall Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Offsite Data Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Office Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Server    Yes  Yes  Yes Yes 
Additional Storage $0.05/Gb $0.07/Gb $0.10/Gb $0.10/Gb $0.10/Gb

* Registered Charity Number is mandatory to qualify for Non-Profit discount.

Why Virtual Desktop

Never Buy Servers Again
With IT-On-Cloud your company will never have to buy Servers again. Your entire IT infrastructure resides on our secure cloud. We take on the cost of your equipment. This eliminates any need of having onsite IT equipment such as Servers