Virtual Private Server.

Virtual Server deployed in 50 seconds fully configured, saving you hours of manual setup. Get your project started and finish on schedule. Start small, scale big.

All VPS Includes

Management Console

All services can be fully managed through an intuitive GUI console. Order new services, modify existing services, pay bills all from a single interface. 

Private Networking

Create your own private network on dedicated 1 Gbps connectivity and connect all of your VPSs using custom subnet. You are able to create an entire infrastructure on the cloud, eliminating the need for on-site servers. 

1 Static IPv4

Each virtual private server comes with 1 static IPv4. You can always add more as the need increases. 


Take a snapshot to freeze the state of the VPS to roll back later or turn it into a template to clone multiple VPSs.

SSD Drives

Run and develop your apps on blazing fast VPS backed by Solid State Disks. All VPS plans are powered by SSDs by default.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We are proud to guarantee 100% satisfaction to all of our customers. Our mission is to build long term relationship and we will go above and beyond to ensure you are happy. 

Perfect Balance of Workload.

No matter the size of your workload, we have custom made your VPS choices. Start small with our Starter Plans, then upgrade to Advanced or Enterprise plans as your workload grows. No need to over commit finances upfront.  

Linux VPS Plans

Starter virtual private servers are a lean mix of memory and CPU for a light application such as blogs and testing apps.

1 GB
30 GB
1 TB
2 GB
45 GB
2 TB
2 GB
60 GB
3 TB
4 GB
75 GB
4 TB

Advanced virtual private servers are tuned to tackle memory and CPU intensive tasks such as web hosting, e-commerce site, large application development, and moderately sized databases etc.

8 GB
50 GB
5 TB
8 GB
100 GB
6 TB
16 GB
200 GB
7 TB
16 GB
300 GB
8 TB

Got a CPU intensive and memory hogging project? Enterprise virtual private servers are just the right choice. Tuned to handle the heaviest workload such as large scale deployment, web hosting reselling, machine learning, large databases etc.

32 GB
400 GB
9 TB
32 GB
500 GB
10 TB
64 GB
600 GB
11 TB
96 GB
800 GB
12 TB


Real-Time Usage Graphs

Keep an eye on your VPS health through real-time usage graphs for CPU, Memory, Network and I/O. Spot resource problem before they become out of control. 




Disk I/O

Rock Solid Infrastructure

SymmCom cloud is built on industry-leading technologies which stood the test of time. Rest assured that your hosted services are in good hands.

Ceph Storage

All hosted services are backed by Ceph storage backend which provides our users with an amazing level of redundancy without sacrificing performance. The robustness of Ceph storage has been proven time and time again and has marked a special place in the big data category.

Proxmox Hypervisor

All VPSs are built on the foundation of Proxmox VE Hypervisor. This has been a primary building block of SymmCom cloud infrastructure for many years. With a proven track record of stability, features and amazing scalability, Proxmox has reached the pinnacle in the hypervisor industry.

Multi-Level Security

Security at all levels is our primary focus in our infrastructure. To tackle ever-increasing threats of intrusion, we have deployed multiple security measures in every vector. By minimizing the attack surface and implementing hundreds of sensors to sniff even the slightest intrusion has given our users complete peace of mind.

24/7 Monitoring

Your hosted servers are monitored 24/7 from our state of the art Network Operation Centres to guarantee uptime. From the data centre environment to every packet of data traversing through our network is monitored.